WiFi at the University of Arts (HfK)

The University of the Arts offers all HfK employees (students, lecturers, administrative staff, etc.) a WiFi. For this purpose, the HfK uses the Eduroam network, a worldwide network for educational institutions..

With this you have fast access to the internet and the IT services of the HfK.

How do I get access to the WiFi?

From 2023 you will get access via easyroam a new simple app.

Do I have to renew my old Eduroam access?

Yes! If you are already using Eduroam from the HfK or from another university, delete the existing Eduroam configuration (also remove Eduroam from the list of saved WiFi networks) and then set up easyroam.

What do I need to set up easyroam?

Important, a functioning Internet connection must be available for the initial setup of easyroam. You can use the data connection of your mobile device for this (directly or as a HotSpot for other devices). After successful installation, you can connect to the "eduroam" WiFi of the HfK.

How do I set up easyroam?

Instructions for various end devices can be found under "Manuals" on the pages of DFN e.V. or at HTW Berlin. Please remember when using the instructions that you still have to log in via the "Hochschule für Künste Bremen".

Can Eduroam still be used worldwide as usual?

Absolutely! Nothing changes in the way Eduroam works. If your end device is configured according to the current specifications, it can still be used at any Eduroam location in the world.